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How to Predict Web Design Trends

So how will you know the next big thing when you see it?

Flat design took designers by storm — evolving from a few simple projects to becoming a significant part of web, and especially application, design.

But what’s next on the horizon? And how will you know it? Here are a few ways to predict web design trends (with a few trendy web design examples)… and maybe even start one yourself.
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Understanding Vector Shapes in Illustrator

When I posted “Wireframing with Illustrator and InDesign”, several people asked about my Illustrator techniques.

The simple truth is that I’ve used Illustrator a lot over the past decade and have learned a quick key for virtually everything I produce, whether it’s logos, wireframes, or full-fledged interface designs. If there aren’t quick keys for some frequently performed task, I will often create my own.

If you’re new to Illustrator, don’t fret. I’m starting this post at the beginning, so even if your goal is not to get blazing fast, you’ll still get a solid understanding of the basics.
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2014 Will Be the Year of the Flat-File CMS

A recent trend I’ve noticed among designers is ditching WordPress for simpler CMS solutions like Ghost, Kirby, Statamic and Jekyll. WordPress is a great CMS but for a lot of sites it can be complete overkill.

WordPress started out as a simple blogging tool but has since evolved into a complex, feature-rich CMS that can power very large sites. Most sites simply do not need all of the functionality WordPress offers and the bloat and complexity of the software can start to get in the way.

This is where flat-file (also known as file-based) content management systems come into the picture…
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What Does a College Dropout Have to do With Typography in Web Design?

Although it has had a relatively short history on the internet, typography has been in existence for centuries. It wasn’t until a college dropout by the name of Steve Jobs brought it to the world with the inclusion of multiple fonts on the Macintosh that typography in web design was born. However, the story is more complicated than that, because Jobs never would had the idea had he not dropped out of college and learned about the typography masters of the past.

The emergence of typography

Ever heard of the Gutenberg bible? It was the first successfully mass-printed book in history. Although the Chinese had been attributed to the invention of movable type, it was a German by the name of Johannes Gutenberg who perfected the design and changed the world with his printing press machine in Mainz, Germany in the 15th century.
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Android Wear UI Overview

If we’re designing interfaces for wrist watches we shouldn’t be calling it wearable interfaces, this is a whole new dimension for interface designers, it’s fashion!

Whatever we call it a year from now, the Android Wear SDK is here and designers should be sensitive to what makes people wear a wrist watch.

Is it the color? The size? The shape? The thickness? Is it for men or women? The diamond stone on the dial? Will the user wear it during the day or night?
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