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Fantastic project to really spread my creative wings!

Bauer’s National Brands is the home of passionate, iconic brands dedicated to music and lifestyle.

Designed to unite listeners around their interests, the portfolio includes dance music station Kiss, rock music brand Kerrang!, iconic music brand Q, celebrity brand heat, and the UK’s biggest commercial digital station, The Hits.

This was a fantastic project to really spread my creative wings! The brief was to advertise all of Bauer Media’s iconic brands inside one of the agencies lifts. We only had a couple of weeks ‘lift time’ so we really needed to maximise the impact of the creative.

The idea was to show off the iconic brands with the Bauer talent, all across the UK, using iconic building and cityscapes. We added stats and figures to strength each brand. Often times we see street art or marketing campaigns that are creative, funny or unique, but very few will actually create an emotional link between the campaign, so we added a great optical illusion on the floor to evoke that emotion, so you would remember the installation.


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